For over 65 years, Awana has been empowering and equipping churches to reach kids and students with the Gospel. Today, Awana partners with over 50,000 pastors worldwide to leave a legacy of hope in Jesus for the next generation.

Awana helps you build a family discipleship strategy for ages 2-18.

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“My friends and I that go to Awana, we have invited many people because we want them to know that Jesus loves them.” — Emily (Age 10) | Appleton Alliance Church, WI

Before coming to Awana, Emily knew that God loves her, but did not have a full understanding of the gospel. Because of the discipleship she received, Emily began to understand all that Jesus had done for her and just how much He really loves her. “It really touches my heart knowing that someone I can’t see loves me deeply,” she says. Now Emily is moved to share God’s love with others by inviting them to learn with her.


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“I am a great fan of Awana … I have had a front row seat for many years watching the ministry of Awana and what it can do to disciple a child, inspire a family, and awaken a church to the strategic importance of bringing children to Christ …” — WESS STAFFORD | COMPASSION INTERNATIONAL